usflagThe Sacramento Valley Detecting Buffs of Sacramento, (SVDB) is a metal detecting club based in the Central Valley of California. The members come from the surrounding Sacramento area and cities. Our members represent a wide range of metal detecting interests from relic hunting, coin shooting, jewelry hunting to detecting / prospecting for gold.  You can also find us on our Facebook page by clicking Here. 

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Lost & Found

Lost If you have lost a valuable ring or piece of jewelry our SVDB club members may be able to help you find it with our metal detectors.   We have found and returned many valuable rings plus other treasured items that were lost by people that requested help.  Click on the Lost & Found Picture or this email link with information about your lost jewelry.  Email Link for Lost Jewelry

Metal Detector Help

QuestionSo you have a metal detector and can’t quite figure out how to operate it.   We have SVDB members who know how to operate most of the major name brand metal detectors.  Click on the picture or on the following link to send us an email that includes your brand and model detector along with your contact information. A SVDB member will contact you to set up a free training session. Email Link for Metal Detector Training
NOTE:  We are currently looking for a volunteer to coordinate this area.  The best thing to do right now is to come to the meeting and we'll try to match you with someone that is qualified for your detector.  I will still respond to your email requests and try to get you help.  Webmaster

Our Meetings

The SVDB general meetings are open to the public and are held the first Thursday of every month at 7:00 P.M. Meetings may include general club business discussions, show and tell found items, coin raffle, occasional guest speaker and other exhibits.

Visitors are always welcome and are encouraged to join and participate in our club meetings.

Directions to our meetings (first Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm)

We meet at the North County Corporate Yard (Formerly SMUD Building) 5026 Don Julio Blvd. North Highlands, CA at the corner of Elkhorn Blvd and Don Julio Blvd.

North Highlands is North-East of downtown Sacramento along Highway 80.
Take Highway 80 to Elkhorn Boulevard, and turn northwest onto Elkhorn.
Traveling northeast from Sacramento, you'll exit right, then turn left onto Elkhorn;
Traveling southwest from Auburn, you exit right, then turn right onto Elkhorn.
After four traffic lights, you'll be going over a railroad overpass. The next intersection is Don Julio.
Turn right onto Don Julio, then enter the first driveway on the right.

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We also meet and have multiple club sponsored Saturday and Sunday Day-in-the-Park outings each month, an Annual Club Hunt, Quarterly Planted "Mini-hunts, "Hands on" training for those new to their detector, and occasional Beach trips.

The Club News page features recent events about our club. It has links to our current Newsletter as well as past newsletters, and Treasure News Links - news stories on metal detecting. This page includes Classified ads.

The Calendar page summarizes our regular Day-in-the-Park outings and unique events.

The About page describes club history and has links to our Bylaws, Library photos, Organization Chart, and the Recovery Team, which finds lost jewelry and other items. There is also a link to the Application for Membership.

The Reference page has links to our Sponsors and Park Regulations regarding metal detecting. There are also some helpful articles on techniques and information about metal detecting.

The Officer/Volunteers page has the names and email addresses of the current Officers and Volunteers.

The Links page lists connections to national metal detecting organizations, as well as links to metal detecting web pages, magazines, manufacturers and distributors, and the most popular on-line discussion forums.

The Contact page lists our main Email address and repeats the map and directions to our meetings.

The Sponsors Page lists the businesses and people that help support our club.

(NEW) The Beach Web Cam Page has links to various web cams to check out for detecting.  I am just starting this so, I'll be adding as I find more.

Please report any web page problems to Bob


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The Recovery team assists law enforcement and helps find lost jewelry.  Here Kurt Anders (left) is with SVDB member Vince Migliore who found Kurt's lost tungsten wedding ring.