October Mini-Hunt

Check out Don Dunn's report (includes photo) on the October Mini-Hunt. Thanks Don!

We had another great planted hunt on October 15th at Tahoe Park thanks to Hunt Masters Cyndy Johnston and Charles Long. Not sure if you know this but Cyndy and Charles spend about 12 to 14 hours planning, preparing and planting coins/tokens for each hunt. Make sure you thank them for their efforts at the next meeting. There were 23 members that showed up for the hunt and everyone received a Buffalo Nickel (donated) and a $2 bill just for being there. Token prizes consisted of several coin collections and a silver dollar.

Just before the hunt began we had a visitor that requested help. He lost a gold ring with 4 diamonds and a black onyx stone the previous weekend on the other side of the park and was offering a $400 reward. Cyndy got his phone number and the approximate location where he lost it. Immediately after the hunt nearly everyone made a mad dash to find the ring. I didn’t know that our SVDBers could run that fast! Unfortunately non-one found the ring, but I know that a few people will be back later to see if they can find the elusive gold ring…..Don D

October, 2011 General Meeting

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September, 2011 General Meeting

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Paul Giese James Neeley James N. (2) John Hainlen            
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Bob Woods Raffle prizes 25c string Daniel Y. Clyde S.
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Don Dunn John wins coins Hailey Harrison wins gold