May 14, 2011 Annual Club Hunt Photos

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knees sv470 sv473 sv474 sv475
Knee pads Check-in Waiting to go Prizes and awards
sv476 sv477 sv479 sv484 sv490
Group photos
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sv507 sv508 sv509 sv510a sv515
sv517 sv519 sv522 sv527 sv528
sv529 sv530 sv531a sv532 sv533
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May 2011 Photos - Show & Tell, Club Meeting

s406 s418 s420 sf403 sf404
Al works on the annual hunt Lee update Finds of the month and Show & Tell
sf407 sf408 sf409a sf409b sf410
sf416 ad405 sf415
sf411 sf412 sf413 fill2 fill2


April 2011 Photos - Show & Tell, Club Meeting

hunt14 s18 s20 s21 s23
Hunt Notice Kris Wilson L&B Yerby Dale Metoxen C. Poulsen
s25 s26 s28 s29 s30
Barb Anderton UK Finds James Neeley Paul Giese Mark Hill
s32 s33 s35 s37 s42
John Felt Annual Hunt John & Kris John Duffy For Sale
s4647 s49 s51 s52  
Bd. Members Raffle runners Pres. Duffy Sharon wins gold *(Again!)
s2n86 s2n72 s2n99 s2n04 s2n81
April 10 hunt Gearing up Curious ones Digging Techinique
s2n09 s2n10 s2n11 s2n08 s2n80
By school Ballfield Teamwork Silver ring B. Woods