SVDB Planted Hunt Rules



Purpose: The purpose of the metal detector planted hunts is to generate interest in metal detecting, to have fun, to provide a quality hunt experience and to attract people to join SVDB.


1.      No hunting in the field until Hunt Master says Okay.

2.   Only one detector per hunter, plus a pinpointer may be used.

3.   To comply with insurance requirements every person participating in club sponsered hunts shall be a SVDB member. 


4.      To provide for the orderly conduct of planted hunts there is a 30 minute cut off time prior to the hunt for signups. 


5.      There is a $5 late fee to sign up on the day of the hunt.  The Hunt Master or designee will collect funds for hunt fees.


6.      The mini  hunts will be scheduled on the 2nd Saturday following the monthly SVDB meeting.   We encourage signups on the meeting date to reduce signups on the hunt day.

7.   No one other than the contestants or officials allowed on the hunt field.

8.   PI machines are not allowed in our mini hunts.

9.   Head phones must be worn during hunts.  


Recommendations for Additional Hunt & Raffle Prizes


1.      SVDB would purchase a metal detector every other month.  The next detector to be given away as a planted token prize is on October 10th.  The cost of these detectors to SVDB would not exceed $300.  The exception to this would be the annual hunt (Wilton or another site) where the amount would not exceed $400.    BVD will work with us on purchases.  There will be 4 yearly hunts that have a $300 detector purchases and the annual hunt at $400.    We will run a cost analysis until the end of 2009 to determine if these detector purchases will continue into 2010.


2.      The cost to the SVDB member will normally be $12 for a coins/token prizes hunt and $17 for a coins/token prizes/metal detector hunt.  The cost to SVDB members for the annual hunt (Wilton or another site) would be determined by the hunt masters, but not to exceed $30.

3.      The Christmas raffle would allow SVDB to purchase a metal detector from a manufacturer for roughly 1/2 of the MSRP.  The SVDB cost to purchase this detector would not exceed $500.


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