Recovery Team  (Community Service)

A Service to the Community

The SVDB Recovery Team is a group of volunteer members who have offered their service in response to requests from the community.

These requests come in the form of family members looking for lost jewelry or other precious heirlooms, requests from police departments for finding evidence in criminal cases, and a wide assortment of tasks from local officials who require the skills of metal detectorists.

Please contact any of the SVDB Board members, or see the Contact page if you would like to volunteer for such services, or if you have a request.



Vince Migliori and Don Dunn responded to a request to find a lost wedding ring. The ring was found by Vince (on the right) in just a few minutes after searching in Granite Park, Sacramento. The Recovery Team responds to requests by law enforcement agencies and private citizens who need help recovering lost items. There is no charge for the service, although Kurt Anders (on the left) made a generous donation to the club as a Thank You.


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