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In August 1982 the first meeting was held at the Fair Oaks Library meeting room with approximately eight people in attendance. September 1982 the second meeting was held with approximately 12 people present this was the official beginning of the club. Officers were selected and the meeting date was set for the first Wednesday of every month. The initials from the 1909 SVDB penny were used to develop the name Sacramento Valley Detecting Buffs. The club grew slowly but steadily over the following months with Don Medaris of the Sacramento Coin Exchange providing door prizes and assistance. Six of the founding members were Ed and Betty Murarik, Guy and Bobbie Shreve, Dick and Reta Carle.

Early in 1985 the other metal detecting club in our area, The Nugget Nudger disbanded and their members joined SVDB.

When the club by laws and Constitution were written in 1986 we realized what a diverse group we were, so all types of treasure hunters were included. In 1989 the Mining Research club disbanded and many of its members joined SVDB.

We continue to look for ways to contribute to our community. Several of our members have assisted local law enforcement agencies in searching crime scenes. We belong to the California Federation of Mineralogists Societies (CFMS). Today, the Sacramento Valley Detecting Buffs club has greater than 120 members and continues to be an active community club.

The Sacramento Valley Detecting Buffs welcomes you to join our fine organization and hope you will gain because of your membership. We also hope you will share your talents.

Most metal detecting in our group hunts is for coins, jewelry, relics, and artifacts. Some members will also hunt for gold and silver (prospecting), and some are interested in beach and water detecting.

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